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The creation of the Health Professionals Council (HPC) continues GNLD’s long history of advancing the depth and breadth of the resources and energy that support our Distributors throughout the world.

Like the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) that first established the world-class standard for scientific excellence in the 1970’s and does so yet today, and the Global Science Network (GSN) that advanced that standard in the 1990’s by linking the minds and talents of world leaders in science and technology to the SAB, the HPC represents yet another huge step forward in GNLD’s unending mission to empower people around the world through products, knowledge, and opportunity.

The HPC is a select group of enlightened, forward-thinking Health Professionals who have embraced GNLD and our mission of Empowerment. Its membership includes Medical Doctors, Pharmacists, Nutritionists, and Natural Health practitioners who all see the critical need for nutritional supplementation for health protection and disease prevention in their communities and throughout the world.

By its creation, the HPC advances GNLD's already world-class scientific and academic prowess and will further enhance our ability to communicate effectively to an ever more sophisticated and health conscious consumer, in an increasingly competitive market. Through its actions, the HPC will help GNLD and our worldwide family of Distributors and employees to reach for new horizons of success and achievement.




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